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May 2009

6th Conference of Transport Ministers of the Western Mediterranean

The 6th Conference of Transport Ministers of the Western Mediterranean was held in Rome, the last 19th and 20th of May. Since the creation of GTMO 5+5 in 1995, the main aim of the group has been to promote cooperation in transport field in the Western Mediterranean but also to contribute to strengthen the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership.

The 6th Conference was attended by the transport Ministers in charge of Algeria, Italy, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Portugal and Tunisia, the Secretary of State from Spain, as well as high-level representatives from France and Malta. The Conference counted also with the presence -as observers- of the Vice President and the Commissioner for Transport of the European Commission, the Secretary General of the Arab Maghreb Union and the Vice President of the European Investment Bank. As in previous conferences, CETMO took part in the meeting as the technical Secretariat of the Group.

In parallel to the Conference, the 2nd European Maritime Day was held -dedicated to make a reflexion about the crucial role that oceans and sea play and the way to raise a better visibility and recognition of the maritime sector-, organized by the European Commission in collaboration with the Italian institutions.

The main objective of the GTMO 5+5 Conference was to hand over the presidency from Tunisia to Italy for the next two years as well as the renewal, by part of the ministers, of their interest for GTMO 5+5, through the presentation and ratification of the activity report of the outgoing presidency and the signature of the conclusions of this 6th Conference.

Tunisia submitted the cooperation report of his mandate, insisting on the studies carried out, the cooperation links established or reinforced with other institutions as AMU (with whom two Memorandums of Understading have been signed) or the European Commission. Likewise, Tunisia pointed out the high degree of execution of the several main points of the work programme: update of the socioeconomic, infrastructure and regulatory databases, creation of a GIS for the multimodal network of GTMO 5+5, reflexion about the facilitation of exchanges and transports, and the carrying out of appropiate studies, to mention some of them.

Italy, the incoming presidency, showed its interest to continue the cooperation within the GTMO 5+5, during its mandate. Some of the highlights of the conclusions are as follows:

Click here for the complete text of the conclusions of the 6th Conference of Ministers (in French).

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