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Session organized by the Union for the Mediterranean

CETMO at ITF Summit 2018

CETMO participates in summit of the International Transport Forum at the OECD

  • CETMO gave a presentation at the most important annual event in the world of transport, accompanied by top-level stakeholders in transport and finance
  • CETMO’s contributions focused on road safety in the Western Mediterranean region, specifically along the Trans-Maghreb Multimodal Corridor


On 23-25 May 2018, the annual summit of the International Transport Forum (ITF) was held in Leipzig (Germany) with Road Safety as this year’s topic. Within the context of the summit meeting, CETMO participated in the session organized by the Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean, “Towards Ensuring Road Safety in the Euro-Mediterranean Region”.

Top-level stakeholders and decision-makers in transport and funding participated in the event, including the Deputy Secretary General of the Union for the Mediterranean, the United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Road Safety, the Head of the Road Safety Division of the European Commission, the Director of Transport at the World Bank, the Head of Road Safety at the European Investment Bank, the Secretary General of the International Road Transport Union, the Secretary General of the International Association of Public Transport, the Executive Director of the International Road Federation, the CEO of the Global Road Safety Partnership, and the General Director of CETMO.

CETMO participated at the summit meeting as an expert on transport in the Euro-Mediterranean region. CETMO’s representative, General Director Òscar Oliver, began the presentation by describing how CETMO was founded in 1985 as the result of an agreement between the European and African countries in the Western Mediterranean under the auspices of the United Nations. He pointed out that CETMO is also the Technical Secretariat of the Group of Transport Ministers of the Western Mediterranean (GTMO 5+5), which promotes cooperation in transport in the region.

Based on the knowledge gained by CETMO, Oliver shared the organization’s approach to road safety by focusing on one of its strategic lines that specifically address this matter. The three most important points in the presentation were as follows:

  • Global problem, regional approach: with the awareness that road safety is a global matter, Oliver described some specific problems involving the Trans-Maghreb Multimodal Corridor, as well as the rest of the GTMO 5+5 transport network, with a focus on the road network. He said that the lack of data was a problem, along with the lack of standardized data processing. In the countries the Trans-Maghreb Multimodal Corridor runs through (Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya), there are major differences in terms of the availability and processing of data on matters such as accidents, road infrastructure maintenance and vehicle fleets.
  • Safer roads and mobility: under the auspices of the United National Road Safety Collaboration, the Global Plan for the Decade of Action was created. This plan is based on five pillars: road safety management; safer roads and mobility; safer vehicles; safer road users; and post-crash response.
    CETMO focuses its activity on the safer roads and mobility pillar with an interest in three specific matters: the design and improvement of the entire GTMO 5+5 road network, road maintenance and road management. Oliver also suggested that, because road management in Maghreb countries is mainly handled by the public administration, public-private partnerships may be a solution worth exploring in the future. 
  • Activity of the GTMO 5+5: the GTMO 5+5 Ministerial Conference will be held at the end of 2018, when the presidency will be transferred from Portugal to Mauritania. As the permanent Technical Secretariat of the GTMO 5+5, CETMO has included road safety as one of the main points in the new presidency’s work programme, which will be approved at the conference. This line of work is expected to include exchanges of knowledge and good practices between the countries on the northern and southern shores of the Western Mediterranean.


The International Transport Forum (ITF)

The International Transport Forum is an intergovernmental organization that forms part of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The ITF has a total of 59 member countries and works as a think tank on transport policies.

Each year, it organizes a summit meeting to discuss a specific transport-related topic. This year’s topic was road safety. The meeting is considered the most important transport event in the world and is attended by the ministers of member countries and guests, as well as leaders in industry, civil society and the research community.


Mediterranean Corridor
Photo: Summit of the International Transport Forum.


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