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Meeting between CETMO and the Arab Maghreb Union

Maghreb tour

CETMO concludes Maghreb tour in Morocco with future agenda activities

  • The Centre for Transportation Studies for the Western Mediterranean (CETMO) brought to a close its series of meetings with the ministries of transport in the Maghreb in preparation for the Ministerial Conference of the GTMO 5+5 (Group of Transport Ministers of the Western Mediterranean).
  • All the Maghreb countries voiced a common concern: the need to create specific working groups to advance transport cooperation in the Western Mediterranean.


A delegation from CETMO headed up by General Director Òscar Oliver travelled to Morocco in February 2018 with the aim of preparing for the ninth GTMO 5+5 Ministerial Conference, which is set to take place in Mauritania in November and will be attended by transport ministers from both shores of the Western Mediterranean. Representatives from France, Italy, Malta, Portugal and Spain on the European side and Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia on the Maghreb side will participate in the meeting.

CETMO fulfils the role of permanent Technical Secretariat for the GTMO 5+5 and, as such, launched a tour of transport ministries, companies and public entities associated with transport and logistics in the Maghreb countries at the beginning of the year. This tour came to an end in Morocco.

During its visit to the country, CETMO met with the Directorate of Transport Strategy, Programmes and Coordination; the Directorate of Road Transport and Road Safety; the Directorate of Roads; Autoroutes of Morocco (ADM); the National Railways Office; the Directorate of Ports and Maritime Public Domain; the Moroccan Agency for Logistics Development; the National Ports Agency; the Merchant Marine Directorate; and the Arab Maghreb Union. The most important meeting was held with the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Equipment, Transport, Logistics and Water, and addressed the needs and work proposals of the different Maghreb countries.

CETMO will soon begin another tour, this time in the European countries of the Western Mediterranean, to continue making progress in the areas that the GTMO 5+5 must focus on in the coming years.

Working groups as future lines of action of the GTMO 5+5

Following the conclusions drawn from all the meetings held by CETMO in the Maghreb countries, a need was identified to move towards the creation of specific working groups with the capacity to address specific projects in the field of transport within the region.

Although this is still at the preliminary definition phase, working groups are considered necessary for road freight transport, public passenger transport, air transport, ports, maritime transport and logistics.

Approval for creation and implementation of the working groups will take place at the Ministerial Conference due to be held in November.

These working groups will basically provide the Maghreb countries with knowledge on specific transport topics in each Southern European country, thereby strengthening Euro-Mediterranean cooperation.

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