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Jens Hügel – Perspectives from road transport on the opportunities and challenges of the pandemic

Jens Hügel
IRU, International Road Transport Union

Commercial road transport operators have maintained services where possible, despite an often higher cost base due to transport, routing and delivery restrictions. Many road transport businesses have managed to survive up to now, but anecdotal evidence from IRU members and research from our market intelligence team indicates that they will not survive much longer without financial assistance.

Andreu Ulied – The Ethics and Politics of Transport and Mobility in the CV19 Aftermath

Andreu Ulied
MCRIT Multicriteria

We know that in the new digital world our experience of distance and time changes radically. Our beliefs, which have existed for centuries, are resistant to change: but we need new concepts to better understand the new reality and support our decisions. A strong need arises for a paradigm shift on transport planning and management, just because of emerging new technologies and life styles and values of new generations.

Pere Calvet – The Key Role of Sustainable Urban Mobility to Build Back Better in Mediterranean Cities

Pere Calvet
UITP, International Association of Public Transport

The crisis generated by Covid-19 had a major impact on public transport systems across Mediterranean countries. Public and private sector stakeholders adopted all necessary measures to guarantee service continuity, ensuring the mobility of essential front-line workers. Existing services kept running or new ones put in place sto encure an adequate mobility alternative.

COVID-19, an opportunity for African airports to embrace technology and innovation

Ali Tounsi
ACI Africa, Airports Council International Africa

The air travel industry is facing one of the most challenging times of its existence. In addition to the catastrophic financial consequences of the COVID-19 on the industry, the confidence enjoyed by travellers before the crisis has eroded substantially since airports and airlines have been regarded as one of the vectors of transmission of the virus across borders.

CETMO and ACI Africa memorandum

CETMO and ACI Africa signed a memorandum of understanding to boost Maghreb airports, to improve the regional integration of transport in North Africa.