Logistics and multimodality

The existence of efficient logistics is one of the requirements for the good development of economic activity. This efficiency resides, in part, in the existence of alternatives for the routing of goods, allowing users to choose between them according to their priorities (costs, quickness, response capacity, etc.). In this sense, the availability of good connections between the different modes of transport is a key element. Logistics platforms, ports and land terminals play an important role in multimodality. Furthermore, transport corridors represent the prioritisation exercise in moving towards an orderly and planned implementation of multimodality within the transport system.

COVID-19 impacted logistics chains by affecting the distribution of goods in certain sectors of activity. In Europe, despite the closure of borders, the importance of transport corridors as a priority route for the supply of essential products was demonstrated. In this context, and in order to improve the current multimodal logistics system, there was talk of increasing the robustness of supply chains, accelerating digitalisation processes, and committing to more sustainable logistics chains, among other issues.