Global and Regional Trends

COVID-19 appeared at a time when global society was beginning to consciously face the fight against climate change as one of the great challenges to guarantee the survival of the planet. Furthermore, there was also the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution concept, linked to the digital revolution and new ways of integrating technology into societies. It will be interesting to see how COVID-19 will influence these transport trends and open processes, whether it will change priorities or, serve as a stimulus for greater awareness and implementation.

One of the first effects of COVID-19 on the transport and logistics sector was the visibility of the fragility of global supply chains. This opened a public debate on the need to change the prevailing supply chain models in order to make them more robust and reliable, and reduce their dependencies. Furthermore, it is interesting to reflect on what changes, on a geopolitical and governance level, can be derived from all of these approaches, and whether these changes are transitory or, here to stay.