conference about digitalization of transport observatory

Digitalization of transport observatory

CETMO organized a conference about digitalization of transport and presented its observatory

  • The event focused on the effects that will produce the digital transformation in the development of transport sector
  • The digitalization of transport observatory was explained by CETMO and the local partners of the project

As its first public activity this September, CETMO organized the conference Digitalization of transport: Impact on the sector and presentation of the observatory. The event was held in Barcelona, at the headquarters of the Department of Territory and Sustainability of the Government of Catalonia.

The first part of the conference was focused in the Digitalization of transport observatory. CETMO explained the main features of the project, and the representatives of the three local partners of the observatory (Government of Catalonia, Government of Spain and Association of municipalities for Mobility and Urban Transport) stated the importance of being part of the initiative.

The second part of the event dealt with some of the topics of the observatory, discussed by three experts in digitalization of transport that carried out several presentations followed by a debate on the impact that it will have on the development of the sector.

Digitalization of transport observatory: innovation and sustainability

The Digitalization of Transport Observatory will have the three following objectives:

  • Carry out a search for information and trends in the field of transport digitalization, to later filter and analyze the potentialities that can be achieved in the sustainable development of transport
  • To value the business opportunities or the benefits to the public administration that can be generated thanks to the digitalization of the transport, putting the focus on sustainability
  • Create networking and promote the debate and the transfer of knowledge in the field

The observatory will attempt to address all the issues that have to do with the digital transformation of the sector, the topics will range from automation of transport, to mobility services, connectivity, intelligent stations and infrastructures, blockchain and cybersecurity between others.

All the contents discussed by the observatory will pass a first filter, which will address the interest of these topics for the digitalization of transport, and a second filter, which will focus on how these innovations help the sustainable development of the sector, both in its environmental, social, and financial side.