The GTMO 5+5 Multimodal Network of Transport Infrastructures in the Western Mediterranean is made up of the infrastructures that handle the main transport flows. It also provides a conceptual base for planning and analysing.

In the five European countries in the Group, the GTMO 5+5 Multimodal Network is the equivalent to the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T).

The process of definition of the network in the Maghreb countries reproduces the methodology defined for the development of the TEN-T. This procedure guarantees the internal coherence of the GTMO 5+5 Multimodal Network.

The GTMO 5+5 Multimodal Network of Transport Infrastructures contains an infrastructure network which is organized hierarchically. The components consist of the multimodal corridors, the Core network, and the Comprehensive network.

Multimodal corridors in Western Mediterranean

The trans-Maghreb corridor is the backbone of the transport exchanges across the Maghreb. At the same time, the trans-Maghreb corridor is the basis for the connection with the Multimodal TEN- Corridors in Western Mediterranean. All these corridors make up the main components of the network of transport infrastructures in the Western Mediterranean.

Trans-maghreb corridor in Western Mediterranean

The core network contains the most strategically important nodes and links that ensure the main flows. It therefore ensures the connection among the main cities, ports, and airports, and provides access to peripherical areas.

Core network in Western Mediterranean

The comprehensive network, which represents the basic layer of infrastructure for the different modes of transport (road, rail, maritime and air). It guarantees accessibility to all territories in the Maghreb.

Comprehensive network in Western Mediterranean