Long term evolution of trans-Mediterranean maritime flows

The evolution of maritime flows between the two shores of the Western Mediterranean is marked by the crisis of 2008 that represents a significant decrease in volumes that lasted until 2016. From that year onward, a new trend towards increased flows up to 2019 seems to be consolidating.

Long term evolution of transmediterranean maritime flows by handling mode

The evolution of maritime flows has also undergone a transformation of their composition by type of handling. Liquid bulk is reduced and there is an increase in general merchandise, which is composed of containers, RORO and other general cargo.

Quarterly evolution of transmediterranean maritime flows. The effects of COVID19. 2019-2020

Since the first quarter of 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic has affected negatively the volume of maritime freight between Maghreb countries and the European shore of the GTMO 5+5. Nevertheless, these effects differ depending on the country. Clearly, the most affected flows are those related to Libya, while the relationships with Morroco only register a decrease in the second quarterly and they return to increasing volumes in the third one.

Transmediterranean freight flows by country

The distribution of maritime merchandise flows between countries is not homogeneous. On the contrary, it is clearly conditioned by the size of national economies and the proximity between countries.

Transmediterranean freight flows by country