The magnitude of the impact of COVID-19 was evident from the beginning, when home confinements of population, closure of borders, interruption of value chains, definition of priority freight corridors for essential goods and cancellation of flights and cruises took place. With this perspective, CETMO and IEMed launched the initiative “Mediterranean transport and logistics in a post-COVID 19 era: prospects and opportunities”.

The 10th Conference of Transport Ministers of the Western Mediterranean countries took place on 6th October 2021 within the framework of the activities of the GTMO 5+5.

CETMO and ACI Africa signed a memorandum of understanding to boost Maghreb airports, to improve the regional integration of transport in North Africa.

Read more about CETMO’s contribution to the webinar “Impacts of the COVID -19 pandemic on Ports and Maritime Transport in the Mediterranean”.

Reflections on Post-COVID Scenarios (RPCS) generates contributing knowledge to the definition of scenarios in the sectors of transport and logistics.