Olivier Meynot
Directorate General of Civil Aviation, France

If we want to guarantee sustainable recovery and the development of air transport in the Western Mediterranean, the mere liberalization of traffic rights is not sufficient: to benefit all air transport stakeholders and users, the creation of a single aviation market in the Western Mediterranean must be underpinned by harmonization of the regulations applicable to air transport.

Ignacio Biosca
Head of International Relations, Airport Marketing and Airlines Assistance, AENA, Spain

Air transport is a clear catalyst for economic growth. But, although being extremely important, not only the economy counts. Air transport also ties cultural bonds and brings understanding between regions and societies, which is the foundation of a peaceful and sustainable development, with the direct effect this has in the lives of their citizens

Habib Mekki & Yamina Jlaiel
Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Tunisia

The Covid-19 pandemic could be the greatest challenge the global aviation industry will ever face. The effects are being felt throughout the ecosystem, including airlines, airports and air navigation bodies.

Ali Tounsi
ACI Africa, Airports Council International Africa

The air travel industry is facing one of the most challenging times of its existence. In addition to the catastrophic financial consequences of the COVID-19 on the industry, the confidence enjoyed by travellers before the crisis has eroded substantially since airports and airlines have been regarded as one of the vectors of transmission of the virus across borders.